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March 30 2015Fresh Scones in 12 Minutes

Gormly's Scone Mix is Just Add WaterDelicious fresh-baked scones can be made in the time it takes the coffee to brew. Just add water to our Gormly's scone mix and spoon the moist dough onto a baking sheet. 12 minutes later, the scones come out lightly-browned on the outside and soft and moist inside.

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February 16 2015Gourmet Dessert in a Jar

Gormly's Maple Apple DrizzleJust a spoonful of Gormly's Maple Apple Toppingturns almost any ho-hum dish into a dessert to remember. Our kids love it over vanilla ice cream. I drizzle it over warm crepes for something right out of a Brasserie kitchen.

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October 18 2014Recipe Development

Recipe Development - Maple Apple Topping It takes time and patience to prove and gradually bring a formulation up to scale. Here, I'm working on some informal tests, incorporating different mixtures of our spiced cider into a maple base.

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May 16 2014Fresh Asparagus - The First Spring Meal

Finally the first flush of asparagus spears! I like mine plain with a dash of salt, and my wife has hers with a dallop of mayonaise. The kids however love hollandaise sauce, so I made it for a treat.

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November 21 2013Twice Baked Butternut Squash

Twice-baked Butternut Squash, a new twist on an old favorite. I scoop out the baked halves and add chopped pecans, grated parmesan, a little ground ginger, scallions, and some cranberries for color.

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August 12 2013Making Tomato Sauce

It's sauce time. In most of my batches, I like to put in some peppers and a little carrot. It cuts the tang and gives a touch of sweetness, which we all seem to like. There are a hundred ways to make sauce, but almost everybody skins and cores the fruit. I do the traditional boiling water dunk.

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