Making Tomato Sauce

Bushels of tomatoes by the doorway mean only one thing ... it's sauce time. In most of my batches, I like to put in some peppers and a little carrot. It cuts the tang and gives a touch of sweetness, which we all seem to like.
There are a hundred ways to make sauce, but almost everybody skins and cores the fruit. I do the traditional boiling water dunk. Other folks roast them whole as the first step. Here's a half bushel ready to slip off the skins.
Skins off, ready to core. I pretty much handle almost every tomato, especially with these non-paste varieties. Cut out the core, and scoop out as much seed and juice as you can. It's all about getting the juice out, or otherwise you'll be simmering for days.
I just mash up the cored and partially de-juiced tomatoes with my hands. This is the result. For a non-marinara, "country" spaghetti sauce, I don't mill or screen any more than this. It's pretty much ready to cook. Before I do that though, I'll rest this pot overnight in the fridge, and ladle off a bunch more juice which will separate.
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