Making Apple Cider Jelly in Small Batches

Making Apple Cider Jelly from the old Gormly recipe is always fun. As with all our jelly flavors, we keep batch sizes small for homemade control and optimal freshness. We use real Vermont apple cider from nearby Champlain Orchards. Things start off slowly. The cider is put into a small vat and reduced down for a couple hours. Not much to do but stir and watch the steam. Some sugar is usually added to achieve the correct sweetness ratio for the pectin. We put in a tiny bit of spice too for a subtle overtone. When the reduction is just right, it's brought up to a boil and the excitement begins. Pectin is added a little at a time and the bubbly frothy vat is whisked vigorously. My mother taught me the "sheet" test when I was a young farm kid. Dip-in a big slotted spoon, hold it up, and watch the liquid. When it flows off the spoon in a sheet and the last drop is suspended on the edge, then you've got jelly. Keep the temperature on simmer, and get busy filling jars!

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