Gourmet Dessert in a Jar February 16 2015

Maple Apple Topping
Maple Apple Topping. The name pretty much says it all. Local apples, pure Vermont maple syrup, and a little of Gormly's spiced cider concentrate combine in the ultimate sweet topping. Just a spoonful turns almost any ho-hum dish into a dessert to remember. Our kids love it over vanilla ice cream. I drizzle it over warm crepes for something right out of a 
Brasserie kitchen. A recent customer wrote in to say that it's delicious over plain sliced bananas. Let your own creativity abound! Like all Gormly's recipes, this one has been around a long time. It has only 3 or 4 basic ingredients, but making it is a tricky process. The drizzle-like consistency, the clear caramel color, the flavor balance, the suspension of the diced apples ... It's very much handmade or "artisan" as we like to say. I put together a short video from our world-class Vermont production facility. Hope you like it. Pick up a jar of Gormly's Maple Apple Topping  and tell us about your favorite gourmet dessert creation.