Big Bucket O'Squash

Harvesting Butternut Squash

The whole family helps out with the butternut squash harvest. We're working on a couple Casual Gourmet products featuring winter squash, but most of these are going on our fall farmstand. We got around 3 tractor buckets from our little plot this year, maybe 30 bushels. Even on large farms, harvesting squash is mostly done by hand. The squash are cut off the vines with long-handled loppers. Then, they're usually pushed, raked (or gently kicked) into windrows. Finally, trucks and tractors drive down the rows, and workers with flexible backs pick up and toss the squash up to other workers who place then in their big bins.  On super big farms, they have conveyor belt harvesters. Nothing quite that scale here. Still, it was good to have our little helpers. They're smiling because this is the last bucket!

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