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On the Farm

Many of Casually Gourmet's recipes were developed in our own farm kitchen with homegrown ingredients. We still establish the quality and freshness standards for every ingredient we use. Our family likes keeping this blog about farming, growing food, and rural living. These traditions are reflected in our food business.

Winter Layers

Molting and shorter day are the primary factors behind reduced winter egg production. Understanding a hen's natural cycles and seasonal changes helps build appreciation for the winter layers.

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Brown Eggs Taste Better

I sell our fresh farm eggs at work. Some customers were suprised by the various shades of brown colored shells, and the rich orange yolks inside. Here's why farm fresh eggs look different and taste better.

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Field Trip to the Farm

Kids from the local preschool come to our hobby farm each spring to visit the animals. We like to have bottle lambs for them to feed. There's nothing cuter than a little kid holding a lamb

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