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Many of Casually Gourmet's recipes were developed right in our own farm kitchen. We don't grow enough anymore to be a primary ingredient supplier for our products, but we do establish the ingredient quality and freshness standards. Our family likes keeping this blog about Vermont farming, growing techniques, and rural living. These traditions are reflected in our food business.

January 01 2012, 0 CommentsA Cutter in the Rye

I knock down the winter rye cover crop using a bush hog, but a sickle bar or roller would be a better way to create the thick mat you need for no-till pumpkins. One day I saw an old Jari machine

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October 16 2011, 1 CommentPlanting the Cover Crop

A fall cover crop benefits soil quality and fertility. With chemical fertilizer applications so costly, "green manure" has become essential on our farm. The mixture of choice is winter rye and hairy vetch. We try to get it planted just as soon the primary crop is harvested

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