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Casually Gourmet brings three Vermont specialty food brands together under one roof. Our family started out selling vegetables, honey, and country jams from a roadside farm stand. Over the years, we expanded our artisan recipes and product lines. Today we offer a wide range of delicious made in Vermont gourmet food: from mustard and grilling sauces to jelly and dessert toppings. We use only the finest locally-sourced ingredients, including fresh produce grown on our own farm, and we hand-craft each small batch with patience and care. The unique tastes and flavors of Vermont come out in all our products, adding zest and character to your good cooking. Gourmet food made easy.

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Restoring An Old Farm Wagon

The little old David Bradley farm wagon was in rough shape, but after a whole lot of cleanup, paint, new lumber, and a bit of new hardware it restored nicely. What a creampuff it is now. Perfect for the farmstand. Read More

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